SAN DIEGO — High-tech medical marijuana dispensaries could be popping up in several locations throughout San Diego in the near future.

Medbox Incorporated already has its boots on the ground here and aspires to open a maximum of 30 Medbox branded San Diego dispensaries for both new and existing consulting clients in Southern California.

Medbox CEO Bruce Bedrick said the dispensaries are an amazing opportunity for the company and an answer to the city’s on-going medical marijuana dispensary issues.

Bedrick said Medbox has already received deposits on 12 locations within the city of San Diego and will be accepting more clients as additional lease locations are identified.

Each of the dispensaries, according to Bedrick, is priced at $150,000 to build, including all related zoning permit assistance, technology costs for the company’s patented Medbox dispensing equipment and everything else needed to erect the dispensary.

He also said Medbox is committed to legitimizing the authorized used of medical marijuana and creating a balanced and properly regulated industry.

In the meantime, the San Diego City Council is drafting an ordinance that would allow for safe access while also ensuring secured control of the drug. It’s expected the ordinance will be finalized on March 19th, thereby opening the doors for a dispensary permitting period.

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