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As we watched the marijuana industry’s movement this March, we noticed that it sprung into spring on the right step. From another state approving a (somewhat restrictive, but nonetheless positive) medical marijuana bill to a Grammy-winning rapper and dispensary collaboration to technology that improves the overall well-being of marijuana processes, it’s clear to see that marijuana is starting to make its mark on the nation.


March 6 – LA Mayoral Candidate Wants Change… From the Feds

When it comes to marijuana, LA’s mayoral frontrunner Eric Garcetti is ready to ask for what the people need from the federal government. In his latest conversation with HuffPostLive, he pushed for the Obama administration to reclassify marijuana as a medical substance and end its “hypocrisy” of the drug laws still in tact today. Holding close ties to a former councilman that is battling cancer and needs medical marijuana to survive comfortably, Garcetti’s request is not only a fight close to home,  but also  for his neighboring Angelenos and for the national community in need of this medicine.

March 24 – MJ Verification Tech to Make Things Tick Better for CO Law Enforcement

Colorado law enforcement will soon be getting some reinforcement when it comes to medical marijuana… from technology. Having been in development for the past three years, a 24-7 medical marijuana verification machine is finally underway from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation that will hopefully be ready by May. Patient privacy is still a concern, but ultimately traffic stops or investigations is hoped to go over more smoothly with the new technology when perfected and protected.


March 25 – Maryland and Medical Marijuana Approval, Oh My!

The Maryland House of Delegates approved a bill that will allow medical marijuana to be distributed to patients through medical research facilities. Now heading to Senate, this approval comes a week after Senate approved a measure that decriminalizes small pot possession, making medical marijuana’s standing look good in the state. If the bill is approved, Maryland will be the next state to join the medical marijuana roster, but with the tightest restrictions.


March 6 – Pot in the Plans for Entrepreneurs

Since the passing of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington states, entrepreneurs have set their sights on becoming Ganjapreneurs. Both states are still a ways away from having set regulations and licenses ready for grabs, but the itch for entering the pot industry is there. For married couple Kim Ridgway and Kimberly Bliss, opening their own pot shop means not only a new and better source of income, but a way to also change community attitudes on marijuana. Other pot industry vets are in the middle of preparing for expansion or conversion (medical to recreational shops) to accommodate the new development. The tides of change are upon us and we are nothing but hopeful for these pot movers and shakers.


March 7 – Weed To Go, In San Diego

Vending machines in San Diego are getting upgraded to dispense medicinal marijuana. 2011 saw a huge crackdown on marijuana dispensaries, but the CEO of Medbox is hoping to change the landscape again by opening up 30 locations with Medboxes in the San Diego area. The 800 pound, armor-coated machine is expected to reduce, rather than cause, crime while safely and easily dispensing  medicine to those patients in need. Talk about instant gratification.

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March 20 – Grammy-Winning Rapper Gets Kushy With Michigan Dispensary

Medical marijuana can have celebrity sponsors too. Rapper Stanley “Flesh-N-Bone” Howse from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has collaborated with Michigan-based medical marijuana facility The Green Oasis to cultivate and deliver a new pot strain. “Phifty Caliber Kush” boasts a strong floral taste and sense of pain relief, something that patients can hopefully look forward to. Looks like this is the blossoming start of a great partnership.

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