SAN DIEGO – Mayor Bob Filner came to City Hall with an ambitious agenda as an advocate for the homeless, veterans, low-income citizens and medical marijuana users.  Now, with many of his allies calling for his resignation, the entire agenda is in question.

Filner’s chief of staff resigned last week and a most members of City Council have asked him to step down. As his support erodes, the big question is: “What can he get done?”

“It’s just a mess,” City Club of San Diego President George Mitrovich said.

Mitrovich said the mayor won’t be a lame duck if he stays in office, but he does have to win over his opponents on City Council, and that could be an uphill battle.

“The people of this city are a very forgiving people. Lots of things get forgiven and you can go on with your life by being apologetic,” Mitrovich said. “Telling them personally one on one ‘I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I’m sorry if I’ve ever treated you with less than respect and dignity, and I know I have.’”

Walden Keyes, like many San Diegans, has been watching closely. Not only is he a concerned citizen, he’s a concerned business owner.

Keyes invested more than $40,000 into the Mission Beach Collective to help people like his parents who rely on medical marijuana, and he’s hoping this controversy won’t get in the way.

Nearly 30 dispensaries have reopened in San Diego since Filner took office.  Keyes has been waiting for the mayor to hammer out a medical marijuana ordinance with City Council.

“What is going to happen next?” Keyes asked. “What’s happening next in the city?  What’s going to happen to the medical marijuana advocates? Where are we going with this now?”

Read more: http://fox5sandiego.com/2013/07/15/allegations-raise-questions-about-filners-agenda/#ixzz2bWpxXG3e

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